My article: School of Rock

This week I wrote the first article for work I can actually say I’m proud of. The article was for one of our advertisers, School of Rock. They are an awesome music school, and I had a blast interviewing the owner. Here’s the first part of my article:

I remember seeing the movie School of Rock– you know, the one where Jack Black teaches a classroom of misfits how to be a rock and roll band- and thinking ‘wouldn’t that be awesome if that was real?’ Turns out, it is real. And there’s a School of Rock right here in Wichita, Kansas.

Just like the movie, you don’t get the “normal” music lesson experience at School of Rock.

“We’re trying to create a culture, a different way of learning music,” says General Manager Jason Ramsey. “It’s more like a sports team than individual lessons.”

Students at School of Rock take individual lessons, but they also take group lessons. These group lessons are designed to get students used to playing in a band and in front of people. The students come together in a performance room with a stage, amps and all their equipment- everything you would expect with a typical music venue.

To view the complete article, visit,0,6856057.story.

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