90s Throwback- Summerland Tour

90s all stars Everclear and Sugar Ray decided to get together with some other popular 90s bands and go out on the Summerland Tour. The 6 week tour brought Marcy Playground, Lit, Gin Blossoms, Sugar Ray and Everclear to towns across America. I was lucky enough to see the tour last night in Park City, Kansas.

In middle school I listened to Sugar Ray (a lot) and Lit. I have since lost those cds, and forgot I was ever a fan. I remember liking Everclear’s singles, but I wasn’t into them when they were popular. I got into Everclear in college, so they were less of a throw back band, and more of a current favorite.

What a fun night! I got free sky box tickets (thanks to the bf’s dad) and went with a girlfriend from work. Sadly, we totally missed Marcy Playground- diner took longer than we expected. We sat back and enjoyed Lit, Gin Blossoms and Sugar Ray from our seats. It was great to hear songs I hadn’t even thought about in 10+ years. When Sugar Ray played “Answer Your Phone,” I still remembered all the words, though I know I haven’t heard that song since at least 7th grade. What a trip.

We decided to sneak down to the floor for Everclear. I just couldn’t stand the thought of sitting up in sky box seats while they rocked out down below. We managed to find some empty seats in the 6th row, very center. I am SO glad we moved! Everclear was amazing. So much better than I expected. For their final song, all the other bands from the tour (minus Mark McGrath) came on stage and had a sing along to “Santa Monica.” There was some serious bromance going on with this tour, and I loved it. Members from different bands spent the evening coming onstage, dancing and singing along with their tour members. Mark McGrath and Art Alexakis came out and introduced each band before they played, and each time they went on and on about how much they love the guys. It was awesome.


All the Summerland Tour bands came out to sing “Santa Monica” with Everclear.

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