Trying a Vegetarian Diet

Three days ago, after a lot of thinking, I decided to try a vegetarian diet. Though I’m an animal lover and don’t like the idea of eating something that once had a face, I didn’t ultimately decide to do it because of that. Lately I’ve been trying to cut processed food out of my diet. I’ve been loading up on fruits and veggies, and cooking more at home so I know exactly what’s going into my food. I just kind of feel like vegetarianism goes along with that. Animals are killed and then processed and shipped to stores, where the meat sits in a refrigerator until you take it home to cook it. The whole process feels a little unsanitary to me. On top of that, I’m trying to lose weight, and I’ve had friends that dropped a lot of weight by going vegetarian.

The main thing stopping me has been the thought that it’s going to be difficult. I love meat- 95% of my meals revolve around some form of meat. And what a hassle to reinvent the way you think about meals! I went to visit a vegan friend of mine a couple months ago, and was amazed at how easy it was for her to find food to eat, no matter where we went. (Granted, she lives in a much bigger and progressive city than I do.)

So after months of thinking about it, I took the plunge. On August 13 I decided to become a vegetarian. And you know what, it’s been easier than I expected. We went to a Mexican restaurant this week, and I got a cheese and onion enchilada and an avocado tostada- yum. Last night I went to Panera with my mom and got mac and cheese. (I was kind of worried about what she’d think, so I didn’t tell her. I love their mac and cheese though, so she had no reason to think anything was up.) Lunches and dinners at home have been easy, too. I used to just eat a turkey sandwich for lunch, but switching it up to omelettes or salads or whatever hasn’t been a big deal.

I have run into an issue, and I’m pretty sure it has to do with my diet change. I am exhausted. Exhausted like I’m sitting here at my computer and might fall asleep. It’s kind of ridiculous. I did a little internet searching, and other people have run into the same problem. The advice I found was to make sure I’m getting enough iron and protein. I’m going to go pick up a multivitamin after work, so hopefully that helps. I want to keep up this diet, but energy is kind of important…


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