For a while, much longer than I admit, I’ve been interested in adoption. I want to have biological children, but I also want to adopt. At this moment in my life, and at least for the next couple years, I don’t want children. I want to adopt a baby girl from China so badly, though! I think about it all the time! (It’s probably a good thing that you have to be 30 years old to adopt from China, otherwise I might get even more wrapped up in it.) Recently I’ve spent a lot of time researching adoption.  I think about it all the time. I’ve done ton of research on adoption agencies, and gotten all the “facts” from them. I think that hearing about adoption first-hand is the best way to find out how it “really works,” though.

I have found a couple blogs that I love reading. The first one I found was Breezy Acres Farm, a blog about a family that has two biological toddlers and is in the process of adopting a little girl from China. I read through the entire blog in one day, and I’m so happy I found it while they were in the middle of the process. The second one I’ve found is One More Ladybug. It’s the blog of a family that started out with three biological children, and has added SEVEN China-born children. It’s so interesting! I started from the beginning of their blog, and have gotten to April 2010.

Through these blogs I have learned a tremendous amount about the adoption process. The thing I was most excited to learn was that there are grants available for families that are adopting. Adoption is VERY expensive- averaging about $25,000 (including fees and travel), and I wondered how so many people were able to do it. So many of the grants that I’ve researched make this kind of statement: “Adoption is our ultimate goal in caring for orphan children as it enables them to become a part of God’s perfect plan…a family.” Both of the blogs I’ve been reading are written by very religious families, who say that God called on them to adopt. I think this is great- I’m happy for people who have strong religious convictions. But what about the rest of us?

I believe in God, but I do not consider myself religious. In all honesty, religion isn’t something I think about very often. And I’m not wanting to adopt because God says I should, it’s something that I feel strongly about. And maybe it’s just because I’ve gotten a lot of information and links from these blogs, but I’m worried that not being religious is going to hinder my efforts to adopt. Even if I started saving any extra pennies right now, I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to save up $25,000!

I’m aware it’s silly- sitting here at 24 thinking about something that can’t happen for at least another 6 years. But I have this problem where I decide I want something, and then I can’t stop thinking about it. For now, I’ll just settle with my daily blog reading.


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