Care Package!

I spent my lunch break shopping for stuff to fill a care package for New Day Foster Home. First I stopped at New For You-Kids, thinking I’d pick up some clothes for the kids. Though clothes aren’t listed on their supply list, they have commented on their blog that they appreciate getting clothes. New For You had a big sale on their Winter clothes, so I went a little crazy. I picked up jackets and sweaters in all different sizes. When I got to the checkout and told the woman why I was buying so many clothes, she decided to give me a deal. Everything I picked up from the clearance section she gave me for FREE, plus the couple books and toys I picked up! What a generous woman! I ended up spending about $50 on clothes, but got two big trash bags full. Winters in China can be really harsh, and all the blogs I’ve read about people adopting say their kids were in 3 or 4 layers when they picked them up in the Winter.

Next, I went to Target to pick up the “less fun” stuff. I was able to get 6 bottles, 5 sippy cups, 2 tubes of Benadryl cream, two books, some teething rings and fun band aids for about $25. Instead of buying boxes, I am taking a couple from work. I’m a little worried about how expensive it is going to be to ship everything, but it’ll be worth it. I have a Wichita postcard I’m going to send along too…. and probably a note asking them to give Esther a big hug for me!

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