I can’t adopt, so how can I help?

I spend a large amount of my free time researching adoption. I find all these beautiful children that are waiting to be adopted, and I feel so helpless. Yesterday I stumbled upon New Day Foster Home, and it opened my eyes.

New Day Foster Home is a foster home in China that takes in special needs orphans that need surgeries. This foster home is able to provide the surgeries to save the children’s lives, and give them a loving home until they are adopted. It is truly a beautiful place.

After visiting their site, I instantly fell in love with a little girl named Esther. Seriously, my heart aches for her. She is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen, a tiny little 16 month old. I had a hard time sleeping last night, I just kept thinking about this little girl. (When I fell asleep, I even dreamed of her.) I was doing some research this morning and found that you can sponsor children at New Day. I went to sign up to sponsor Esther, but she’s already fully sponsored. So I did some more looking and found that the foster home is always needing different supplies. Today after work I’m going to get some supplies and send a care package.

Another thing I learned about New Day Foster Home is that you can volunteer with them. Oh what a dream that would be! If you apply for an internship, they even help you find a place to live. Many of the people at the foster home are Americans, so the fact that I don’t speak Chinese doesn’t look like it’s a problem. I’m crazy excited just sitting here thinking about going to volunteer at this foster home, about spending time with all these amazing little children- especially Esther! It might seem crazy, but I think I want to take on this adventure.

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