My Sponsor Baby

I mailed my care packages yesterday! I emailed New Day Foster Home to make sure I had the right the address, and a woman emailed me back saying she’s currently in New York and will be flying back to China next month. She said I could save money and just send the packages to her, and then she’d carry them to China. It still cost $55 (!) to mail them, but I know I saved a bundle.

Everything ended up FILLING two paper boxes. I can’t wait to see pictures of the kids wearing their new jackets and sweaters! New Day has a blog and a website, and they post candid shots of all the cuties on their blog.

Care Package for New Day Foster Home

Here’s all the stuff I got organized for the care packages.

I signed up to foster a baby at New Day. Her name is Ava. She is 14 months old, and has a twin sister that was already fully sponsored. Both girls have “mild heart conditions.” Right now neither of them are listed on the “Surgeries Needed” page, so that’s good. Ava is adorable. I can’t wait to track her progress- I’ll get updates on her since I’m sponsoring her. You aren’t allowed to post photos of the kiddos on your own blog, but I can link to my sponsor baby here.

It’s only $35/month to sponsor a child at New Day Foster Home. This money supplies the child with things like food, clothing, basic medical supplies and education. $35 is about what it’d cost me to go on a date with Alex, or treat myself to a new sweater. I’ll easily pass up a luxury once a month to help little Ava on her journey to a forever family. If you’d like to find out more about sponsoring a child, visit New Day’s “How to Help” page.

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