General Updates

It’s been almost two months, and I’m still doing the vegetarian thing. I’ve only cheated once!! For Alex’s birthday we went to Sake– one of my favorite restaurants- and I just had to get a California roll with my vegetarian hibachi. It’s made with Krab, but I felt okay with that. (Probably because it was so darn delicious.)
It really hasn’t been a big deal going vegetarian. Only once have I ordered something at a restaurant and didn’t like it. (What the heck kind of Mexican restaurant makes a veggie quesadilla out of broccoli, squash and mushrooms?) Both at home and at restaurants, it’s easy to find vegetarian options. Panera and Chipotle are my favorites right now. I recently discovered the broccoli cheese soup at Panera, and it’s so good, I found a recipe to make it at home.

Tomorrow I’m meeting my sister in Lawrence to see Taking Back Sunday on their Tell All Your Friends 10 year anniversary tour! I’m both excited to see TBS again, and spend some quality time with my little sis.

I mailed my care packages to my contact at New Day Foster Home, and have received confirmation that she got them. I think she’s going back to China at the end of this month, so I’m keeping a good eye on the blog to see a cutie in one of my outfits. I’m hoping to see both Esther and Ava in one of the jackets. I feel such a connection to those baby girls. I keep having dreams about going to China to adopt Esther. She’s just imprinted on my heart. I check every day on New Day’s website to see if she’s been matched with a family.

I found a really great website recently that I think will help my family and friends better understand my decision to adopt through the Waiting Children program. It’s called No Hands but Ours, and it’s all about advocating for children with special needs. There’s a section that explains some of the more common special needs in Chinese adoptions, and then links to stories written by families that have adopted a child with that special need. It’s really opened my eyes to special needs I wouldn’t have said “yes” to before, things like missing limbs and HepB+.

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