Gearing up for Halloween

Halloween is next week! Last year, we moved into our house 3 days before Halloween, and I was SO excited to hand out candy! Unfortunately, our house has been vacant for at least a year, so not many kids knew we lived there (even though the porch light was on). I’m hoping this year there will be more kiddos. And we have a porch swing now, so I can sit outside and entice the kids. 🙂

Obviously, I love kids. LOVE. KIDS. Three of my very favorite kids are Alex’s little nephews and niece- Henry, Frank and Lillie. I met them last year about this time, and oh man, they are so adorable. Alex talked to his sister (Jill) today, and she’s going to bring the kids over to do some early trick or treating on Friday. So today I had to make a Target run to pick up some Halloween goodies for them. (I may have left work because my boss wasn’t in his office and I was bored… and then I may have seen said boss at Target while I was in the check out line. And I might have hid a little….) I’m going to put together some little treat bags. I bought some fun little gifts- the obligatory Halloween fangs, funny glasses and nose combos and finger puppets- along with way too much candy.

Just in case you needed proof that these kids are the cutest. 

The bags I bought came in a pack of 15, and the little toys came in packs of 4. I’m going to take the extras and put together three little goody bags for our neighbors. (Coincidentally, they are the same age as Henry, Frank and Lillie, so it’s perfect.) Last year we were their first stop on Halloween, and I think this will make it extra fun. Plus, they’re super cute and I can’t help but smile every time I see them.

Last Halloween we didn’t have Dexter yet, and Batty and I dressed up as Batman and Robin. I’m going to have to figure out a costume for Dex this year. Batty can still be Batman, because it’s just too darn perfect. I’m going to be a geisha this year. (Mostly because it was one of the only non-slutty costumes I could find, and it was super cheap. And cute.) I can’t very well hand out Halloween candy without dressing up, too!

Batman and Robin last year. We were a huge hit with the neighborhood kids.

I was telling a coworker today about how excited I was for Halloween and my goody bags and she laughed at me. Apparently normal 24 year olds would rather be hanging out at a Halloween party than handing out candy to trick or treaters. (weird)


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