A horrible week, followed by a nice, lazy weekend

Last week was bad.

On Wednesday I woke up feeling nauseous. That nausea continued through morning and into the afternoon. We had a staff luncheon at work, and I spent the whole time sitting in the back, taking tiny bites of my salad and bread, hoping I wouldn’t throw up in front of the 100+ people I work with. I was sitting with my two best work friends and they kept asking if I could be pregnant. (Because if you’re a woman and you’re feeling queezy, you must be pregnant.) I didn’t think I was, but when you hear about it so much, you start freaking out a little bit. As soon as the luncheon was over, I ran to the grocery store and bought some nausea medicine and a pregnancy test. I was super classy and took the test in the Dillons bathroom. Not pregnant!

I got back to the office and tried to work through the queeziness. When I could barely read the writing on my screen anymore, I decided I should go home. On the way home, I had to pull over on the side of the road to throw up. (Again, super classy.) I spent the rest of the day alternating being on the couch sleeping and running to the bathroom to be sick. So miserable.

I never think my boss believes me when I say I’m sick, so I got up and went to work the next day, even though I felt disgusting. I was still nauseous, but I hadn’t gotten sick for 12 hours, so I figured I’d be ok. I made it to lunch, and then went home and napped for the whole afternoon and evening.

On Friday, I wasn’t queezy anymore, but I had a horrible cold. (Which Alex had been home sick with at the beginning of the week.) I worked in between blowing my nose and coughing up a storm. By the time I got home Friday afternoon, I felt like a zombie.

Friday night I slept 13 hours (!!) and woke up feeling great. I still had (and have) a runny nose, but I felt like a human again.  Saturday Alex and I lazied around until about 5, when we headed to his dad’s birthday party. It was a bunch of Dave’s friends sitting around in the garage eating. (It was supposed to be outside, but it was too cold for that.) We were there for maybe 2 hours then headed home. I went to bed early and got a glorious amount of sleep again.

Sunday Alex and I did some shopping. Which actually means Alex shopped and I tagged along, which is kinda how I like it because he spent money and I didn’t! (Yeah, we were out shopping for probably 3 hours and I didn’t spend a dime!)

Sunday evening we realized Sons of Anarchy season 4 was on Netflix, so we snuggled up on the couch with our dogs and watched some SoA. It was an awesome ending to the weekend.


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