Christmas Sponsorship

As I said a couple weeks ago, I signed up to sponsor little Esther for Christmas. To sponsor, you just emailed New Day and told them who you wanted to get presents for. A couple days after I emailed, I heard back that Esther was already fully sponsored, and I could pick someone else. Of course, since it had been a couple days, my regular sponsor baby Ava was already taken. So I told them I would take whatever little girl was available. (I had already bought my supplies to make the Christmas present.) So I was given little Talley. This sweet girl is 10 months old and has a lot of health issues. I’m excited to send her a Christmas gift and make her smile.

A sweet button New Day sent me to put on my blog.

I made a flannel blanket for my Christmas gift. Since Talley is so young, I thought a blanket would be comforting. I’m sure a lot of kids are going to get toys, and that’s great, but I figured a blanket would be something she could take with her, even after she gets adopted. I’ll upload a photo one of these days.

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One thought on “Christmas Sponsorship

  1. […] you remember, I sponsored a little girl name Talley last Christmas. (view the post here) She was very very sick and in desperate need of a liver transplant. Organ donation is not common […]

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