Proud to be an American

I am so proud of America! What a great new day for this country! This was an election for equality- Maryland and Maine are poised to approve same-sex marriage in their states and Tammy Baldwin was elected as the first openly gay senator in US history! Way to go America!

Unfortunately, today I am embarrassed of Kansas. As the country makes large steps forward, Kansas continues to breed hate. Hutchinson and Salina both repealed anti-discrimination protections for gays. This is something I just can’t understand. I look forward to the day when people aren’t judged or HATED because of who they love.

I’m so proud to live in a country where the people have a voice, where every individual has the opportunity to stand up and let the government know how they feel. I was so proud of my neighbors yesterday, watching everyone line up to do their civic duty and vote. What a great country we live in.


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