It’s Christmas time!

I love Christmas. Love love love it! I love the Christmas music we’ll be hearing for the next month in almost every store, I love the decorations, I love the spirit. I just can’t get enough of Christmas! I really enjoy buying gifts for my loved ones, and I love watching them open them on Christmas morning. (And of course, I like getting presents. Who doesn’t?!)

This Christmas I’ve been thinking about how different the holidays are for children without families. I sponsored little Talley for Christmas, and I know New Day Foster Home does an amazing job of providing a loving and supportive home for kids while they wait for their families, but it’s not the same. Talley doesn’t have a Mom or a Dad to love on her this holiday season. And there are so many orphans in foster homes and orphanages around the world that aren’t going to get to even celebrate Christmas. It just breaks my heart.

One thing my family talks about when I talk about adoption and sponsoring kids, is that there’s plenty of American children that don’t have families and won’t be able to celebrate Christmas. Orphans in America are not more or less important than any other orphan around the world. They are just as deserving of families, and just as deserving of sponsors for Christmas and year round. For me, my heart is in China with all the “throw away” children there. And my heart is in Africa, with all the starving children there. I read about the conditions all these poor children are living in, and my heart just aches for them. I think about mothers in China leaving their newborns on the side of the road because they aren’t “perfect,” they have some medical or physical need. My love for foreign orphans doesn’t mean I don’t care about orphans here at home. I just feel a calling to China and Africa, and that’s where I want to concentrate my thoughts and efforts.


Tell me what you think.

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