Updates from China!

The other day, I got this exciting envelope in the mail:

New Day Foster Home sent me a little package.

I was so excited! Alex and I were on our way to get some lunch at Great Wall (how perfect!) and I grabbed this out of the mail box and opened it on the way. There was a sweet photo of my sponsor baby Ava, and a little biography on her. There was also a letter from the director of New Day, thanking me for sponsoring Ava, and inviting me to send her letters and gifts. And it said I was always welcome to come visit her, which I would LOVE to do, but I know isn’t practical right now. I put her picture on my bookcase.

My beautiful sponsor baby Ava.

She is so precious, and now I have a sweet picture of her up in my house. (Notice the cute little Asian girl in the snow globe. I got that after I started sponsoring Ava.)

I mailed my Christmas blanket a couple weeks ago, and completely forgot to take a picture before hand. Just know it was pink and bright and had fun shapes on it. I got an email from New Day last week letting me know the package had arrived. I can’t wait to see a picture of little Talley with her new blanket!


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