New Year, Same Resolution

It’s 2013, and just like 95% of Americans, my new year’s resolution is to lose weight. (Surprise, surprise) The battery on my scale died in November, and I decided not to replace it until after the holidays. When I replaced it last week, I was shocked and disgusted- how did I gain this much weight?! It’s no secret that I love food, but in general I feel like I make healthy choices- I don’t eat fast food (unless it’s an occasional Freddy’s steak burger), I don’t drink soda and I don’t drink alcohol. I can’t count the number of times I’ve heard someone say, “I just stopped drinking soda and dropped 5 pounds without even trying!” or “When I stopped eating fast food, I lost 10 pounds, and I didn’t even have to work out.” Screw you people and your magic metabolisms.

I feel like I’m constantly trying to eat healthier and lose weight, but I can’t crazy commit. I know I can’t be one of those people who works out for 2 hours every day, or eats strict 300 calorie meals with no snacks in between. It’s just not possible. I don’t have that kind of willpower. I can’t deprived myself of certain foods, because then I just crave them and can’t stop thinking about them. (Jillian, you can’t eat any chocolate this week. Just get through these 7 days and then you can reward yourself with a candy bar. Yeah right, watch me run to the M&Ms by the end of day 2.) My weight loss strategy has to be moderation. Instead of buying a full bag of M&Ms, I’ll buy a quarter’s worth out of the candy machine at work. And I’ll let myself get some ice cream after dinner, but only a little bit in a coffee cup instead of a big bowl. I get to eat the sweets I crave, but I don’t wreck my whole day’s worth of healthy eating.

Another tool I’m trying to use is my new juicer. A juicer seems like a great way to get extra servings of fruits and vegetables, and you don’t have to cook or prepare them. Between a coupon and a store credit, Alex and I got a steal of a deal on a juicer this weekend. We bought the Magic Bullet Juice Bullet, and I really like it. I know lots of people will juice as a meal replacement, but again, I just don’t have that willpower. So my plan is to have a little bit of food for lunch, and then finish off with some juice. Today I ate a low fat strawberry yogurt with granola and a cheese stick for lunch. Then I juiced a small apple, an orange, a large carrot stick, 3 celery sticks and a small handful of kale. That filled up a 12 oz cup. I ate when I first got home for lunch, and then made my juice just before I left. I sipped on it at work for about 30 minutes. It tasted pretty good, kinda weird. The aftertaste was very much celery, and that was strange. And the last little bit of juice was super pulpy/grainy, which was not enjoyable. But I feel like this is the sort of thing I can keep up. We bought a whole bunch of fresh produce this weekend, and I’m feeling energized and excited about using it in my juicer. (On a side note- juicing is totally fun. It’s cool seeing how much juice you can get from different things.)

We have a work out room with a treadmill and a yoga mat. (And a TV to keep me entertained.) I like working out, but I struggle with getting started. Once I’m in my workout clothes and walking on the treadmill, I’m good. I can watch TV and power walk for a long time. I just have a hard time motivating myself to go do it. Recently Alex’s work schedule changed to where I’ll be home in the evening for about 2 hours before he gets home. My goal is to get on the treadmill at least 3 times a week and get a work out in before he gets home.

I’m not looking for a fad diet or a short-term fix.  I want a healthy lifestyle. I want to lose this extra weight and keep it off for good.


Tell me what you think.

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