Happy 25th Birthday to Me

Today I turn 25. That seems so big.

I’m not feeling old, but I’m definitely feeling like an adult. Like a real adult. Weird.

And of course, because I’m me, adoption has been weighing heavily on my heart this week. Being 25 now, I can officially start the adoption process from the Congo. As a 25 year old single woman, I could adopt a little girl all on my own. I could become a mom to a beautiful little orphan half way around the world.

It’s crazy.

Part of me (the most sane part, the part that thinks with my head) knows that it’s silly to even be thinking about. First, there’s the almost $30,000 it would take to pay for the adoption. And then there’s the actual having to take care of a child- buying food, medicine, diapers. And paying for daycare while I’m at work. 

But then my heart jumps in. There’s a child, living in an orphanage in the poorest country in the world, who I could make my daughter. Even with the financial limitations I have, I could provide that child with more than she could ever even IMAGINE receiving in the Congo. 20% of children in the DRC die before they reach 5 years old. 20%!! That breaks my heart. 

One of the blogs I read every day is Millions of Miles, about a family who adopted a little boy from the Congo about 3 years ago. Her post today shot right through my heart. (Read it here.) Their amazing little boy would never have survived in his orphanage in DRC. Now he lives in the US and is a thriving, happy happy little boy. Read about his orphanage and see pictures here. Seriously, how could anyone read that and not immediately want to make a difference for at least one child?


Tell me what you think.

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