The More I Learn…

When I first started researching adoption, my main focus was China. There was just something about China that spoke to me. I did a ton of research, read a ridiculous number of blogs, and just consumed myself with all things Chinese Special Needs Adoption. I was broken hearted for all the children who were thrown away because they weren’t “perfect.” I read about different orphanages and foster homes, and everything that was being done to care for Chinese orphans with medical needs.

Then I was introduced to a blog about adoption from Congo, and I started researching African adoption. All the things that burdened my soul about Chinese orphans was multiplied many times over. The conditions are unimaginable for African orphans. It is seriously mind blowing. The absence of food, medical care and safety is horrifying. I realize I can’t change the world. I know I can’t make the conditions for the millions of African orphans any better. But knowing that I can make a difference for one orphan is empowering. And the more I research, and the more adoption stories I read, I realize the love in my heart can make the biggest difference. I’m not rich- I can’t afford luxurious things. But I have enough. I have more than enough. African orphans are living on pennies a day- they don’t need luxury. They need a home. They need a soft warm bed to climb in to at night. They need safety. They need reliable meals three times a day. They need the opportunity to attend school. They need love. I have more than enough to give.


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