Stuck (my final post about it. I promise.)

This week, I gave into the fact that I probably won’t be going to Kansas City next month for the screening of Stuck, so I watched it at home. (You can stream it online for $13.)


Seriously amazing. The movie takes two different tracks- it talks in depth about the whole process of international adoption, and then it follows three families on their adoption journeys. Everything they said about the process I was already aware of, though it’s still staggering to think about. The family stories were insane. There is a couple who were in the process of adopting two children from Haiti when the earthquake hit, a single woman in the process of adopting from Ethiopia, and a family adopting from Vietnam.

Stuck sent me on an emotional roller coaster. There were parts that were so beautiful, I was crying out of sheer joy for the families. Then there were moments when I was upset and sad, and crying out of frustration for the families. When the movie ended, I was left feeling both energized and excited about adoption, but also nervous and anxious about the future that lies ahead for me.

For any of my family and friends who are reading this, I beg you to go watch this documentary. I think it will be insanely eye opening for you, and hopefully it will help you understand why I’m so drawn to international adoption.

For all the strangers out there in blog land- go watch this documentary. Whether you have an interest in adoption or not, I think it’s a very powerful, inspirational movie.

To watch the movie, go here:


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