I graduated from Wichita State two years ago, and I really liked it there. I worked in the marketing office my senior year, and I LOVED it! I constantly hear people, even past students, talk about how crappy they think WSU is. It’s almost cool to badmouth the school. Of course, since the Shockers are in the Final Four, everyone has jumped on the Shocker bandwagon. Whatever- I’m just excited to finally see all the Shocker pride!

Wu's Your Daddy

Rocking my favorite WSU shirt at work today.
Wu’s Your Daddy

Here’s some cool things I’ve seen on the internet today about the Shockers:

Keep Calm and Shock On

There’s a million of these “Keep Calm” things, and usually they annoy me, but I like this one.

WSU Shockers WU love

WU love

Shocker Pride

KWCH put out some really cool Shocker Facebook cover photos. (Photo courtesy of

Shocker Pride

Photo courtesy of

Shocker Pride

How cool is this?!

Shocker Pride

My current Facebook cover photo. (Courtesy of

One of my favorite time kill websites featured this awesome list today: 24 Reasons You Should Be Rooting for the Shockers.

Whenever I see something Shocker themed, I sing in my head “Shox Shox Shox Shox Shox” to the tune of that LMFAO song.

Here’s my coworker’s adorable little girl watching the Shockers:

And another cool video:


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