My First Flower Garden

I am so excited about my new flower garden! It was definitely more expensive and more work than I expected, but I love it.

We decided to go get all the plants and things last night, mostly because I was super excited about it, I just couldn’t wait. (I spent a lot of time this week looking at gardening websites and blogs.) I’m glad we did, because Alex worked this morning, so I would have been making decision and lugging everything around myself. I was surprised how much soil and mulch we needed. Actually, surprised that I needed mulch- that stuff looks so gross! But the (exceptionally helpful and friendly) woman in the gardening department told me it was a must. It took us a while to decide on everything and plan out what we wanted, so we ended up spending about an hour and a half shopping. Not that I’m going to complain- shopping is my favorite thing to do.

It was comical loading up my car. We had SO much stuff!! My trunk is really really deep, and the soil and mulch filled it up completely.

Garden car

My trunk.

Flowers in my car

All the flowers in the back of my car. (I know it looks messy on the seat, but I promise there’s only a couple things on there.)

This morning I had some coffee, watched a little TV and got to work. The hardest, and most labor intensive part of it was cleaning up the soil before I was able to plant. I could see a few weeds growing, but it looked pretty desolate and dry. Then I started tilling up the yard. OH MAN. So many weeds and roots down there! There were hundreds of bulbs- they looked like green onions. And I think at some point there were some bushes in there, and there were tons of roots from our big tree. I spend probably an hour and a half to two hours pulling up as many roots as I could. A lot of the tree roots I just had to cut out- they were 2-3 inches thick.

Once I got around to planting, it went super quickly. While I was putting down the mulch, a little girl that lives a couple houses down came by and asked if she could help. I’ve seen her around, but never talked to her, so it was a little strange, but I love kids. So she helped me even out the mulch and then feed and water the plants.

Here’s the before and after picture.

garden before and after


It’s made such a difference! It looks a little bare, but several of them are supposed to grow pretty big, so hopefully by the end of the summer it’ll look amazing.

Here’s a better picture:


My Garden

At the top is a pink peony bush. Then the two green shrubs on the right are Manhattan euonymus. They can grow to be 5×8 feet, and the lady in the garden department said they grow like crazy and are super tough (hard to kill). The little yellow flowers are marigolds, which are supposed to keep spiders off the euonymus. On the left are violas, and then on the bottom are columbines.

I had a really great time putting everything together! I have a little plot on the other side of the house that I want to put some flowers in, too. I think gardening is definitely going to be my new hobby.


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