Real Beauty Sketches Video

Alex showed me this video the other day, and I really love it. We really are our biggest critics, and it’s nice to see that strangers don’t necessarily focus on our flaws.

Every time I start to feel bad about myself, I remind myself of this one interaction with Alex. We were talking about plastic surgery and injections, and I said the only thing I would consider getting done is filler injections in my under eye bags. They are a real source of insecurity for me, and no matter what I do, I can’t seem to get rid of them. Alex looked at me weirdly and said, “What under eye bags?” He was dead serious- he hadn’t noticed them. Here’s this man I’ve seen daily for almost 3 years and he hasn’t noticed the one thing I can’t avoid seeing when I look in the mirror.

If you haven’t watched this video, take 3 minutes and do so. Self esteem is something I think about a lot (see this post), and I love that Dove is trying to change people’s perceptions of beauty.


Tell me what you think.

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