Adoption Heartbreak

I received an email from an adoption agency today that highlighted a problem I didn’t even know existed in international adoption! Long story short, a family brought home a 5 year old little boy from the Congo 3 weeks ago and has decided he’s “not a good fit” for their family. They are currently looking for a family domestically to adopt him right away. What?!

First, I can’t imagine going through the year long+ process to bring your child home, and then just giving up on him after 3 weeks. I would assume anyone who has even considered adoption has read about attachment, PTSD and other problems they could encounter when they first bring their child home. (Especially when the child is 5 years old.) Along with the process, they spent $20,000+ to bring that child into their home.

Second, when you choose to adopt, that child becomes YOURS. You are his parent. As a parent, how could you possibly even think about giving up your child like that?

How could this family be so unprepared? How could they give up without a fight? Parenting isn’t supposed to be easy, whether you’re raising a biological or adopted child.

This is just unfathomable to me. Really. My mind is blown, and my heart aches for that poor little boy. A strange couple came and took him from his orphanage, probably the only home he’s ever known, brought him to a strange home in a community with strange people, and now have decided to give him to someone else. It’s disgusting.


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