Sevenly Flowy Raglan Review

I recently made my second purchase from Sevenly. This time $7 from my purchase went to Reece’s Rainbow to help fund an adoption of a child with Down Syndrome.

I purchased the “Women’s Flowy Raglan” shirt:

Sevenly Flowy Raglan

Blessing not Burden

I like  it! The shirt is made from thin, soft cotton. Unlike a normal t-shirt, there’s a seem from the neckline to under the arm whole, just above the side of the chest (you can kind of see it in the picture). The sleeves don’t have a usual folded hem, there’s just a quick stitch through them so they don’t fray. It’s more flowy than their standard t-shirt, but I think I would like it a little bit looser. I just tried it on over my lunch break, I haven’t actually worn it, but I think if I were to order another one, I’d go up a size. The text on the shirt is cute, but it’s kind of difficult to read. That could be a good thing though- if someone stops me to ask what my shirt says, I’ll have an opportunity to tell them about Reece’s Rainbow and Sevenly.
UPDATE: I wore the shirt this weekend, and I’ve changed my mind about going up a size. I think if it was any bigger it would look sloppy.

This one shipped in a cool package that was different than the last time:

sevenly package

Sevenly Package

Again, I just love it. The fun packaging just makes me even more excited to open it up! The shirt came with a sticker, too. Even though I have two of the same sticker, I’m still weird about sticking it anywhere. (read about that quirk and my last purchase here) So instead of sticking it, I just used a magnet to put it up at my desk:

Sevenly sticker desk

My work cube

It’s cute, especially when held up with my smiley latte magnet.

I’m expecting another package in the mail in the next week or so from Sevenly. I ordered a racerback tank top- be on the look out for a review!


One thought on “Sevenly Flowy Raglan Review

  1. […] just think it’s fantastic. The shirt itself is really nice- it’s a thin cotton like the flowy raglan. It’s a racerback, and there’s a cute little scrunched seam in the back, but I […]

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