The Little Couple and New Day Foster Home

I’ve been following TLC’s The Little Couple (Jennifer and Bill) as they pursue adoption. I think they are an adorable couple and their show is so fun, and it was really great promotion for adoption! Imagine my surprise when they introduced their newly adopted son and I recognized him!

The Little Couple's first family picture

The Little Couple’s first family picture (Photo courtesy of People Magazine)

Their little guy was my FAVORITE little man at New Day Foster Home! Back when I first started following the foster home, before Will was matched with a family, the little guy’s name was Josiah. He’s just the cutest kid, and I loved seeing new pictures of him on New Day’s blog. I was SO excited for him when he left to meet his new forever family, but I was also a little sad because I wouldn’t be able to follow his journey anymore. Now I’ll be able to watch him on TV!

I realize I don’t actually know Will, but I feel like I do because I’ve been following his journey for so long. And obviously I don’t know Jennifer and Bill either, but if you’ve ever watched their show, it’s hard not to fall in love with them. I think Will is extremely lucky to have them as parents, and they are amazing lucky to have him as their little boy!

New Day doesn’t allow people to post photos from their blog, but you can take a look back at posts about Will here. Seriously- don’t you just want to squeeze Will and his adorable cheeks?!


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