Why My Mom is the Best

Mother’s Day is this weekend, which just gives me an excuse to rave about how awesome my mom is. Seriously. I almost titled this post “All you other daughters are just jealous,” because you should be.

My mom has always been my #1 fan, both literally and figuratively. I played sports the whole time I was growing up. T-ball, coach pitch, softball, basketball, soccer, volleyball- you name it, I played it. My mom came to almost every game. She gave up countless nights and weekends to sit on bleachers and cheer me on. (Even when I was on the worst team in the German league that lost every game.) I can still hear her yelling from the stands, “Go Jillybean!” And you know what’s even more amazing than the number of games she sat through in the rain, snow and blistering heat? The fact that I can’t remember ever hearing her complain, not even once. For 10+ years she cheered me on with a smile on her face. And she always acted like that’s what she was supposed to do- it never occurred to me that she might want to do something else.

Outside of the athletic world, she’s always been just as supportive. She let me explore my own interests and do my own thing. Even when I was in my weird, angsty teen years, she encouraged me to be myself. She always stood by me when I made dumb decisions, and praised me when I made good ones. When I was fighting with my friends, she’d spend Friday nights on the couch watching Dawson’s Creek with me. And when my friends and I made up, she acted like she didn’t care when I started ditching her for them. When I graduated high school and wanted to move away with a boy, she told me she didn’t like the idea, but still supported me. And when things fell apart, she let me sleep on her couch for a while because I didn’t want to stay in my empty house.

Now that I’m an adult, my relationship with my mom has changed. She’s gone from my parent to my best friend. She’s silly and sweet, and so much fun to spend time with. Nothing is better than spending a Saturday afternoon shopping with my mom. And when we’re done shopping, we can just sit around and talk for hours. She’s someone I can confide in, and I never have to worry about her judging me. I still feel like she’s my biggest fan.

Someday when I become a mom, I hope I can be half as great as she is.

Mom and I at Elton John and Billy Joel

Me and my wonderful mom


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