Love Without Boundaries

Love Without Boundaries is an organization I’ve followed for some time. They provide medical care, education, nutritious formula and foster care for orphans in China. (Seriously an organization after my heart.) When I was looking to sponsor an orphan several months ago, LWB and New Day Foster Home were the two I looked at. I ended up going with New Day because their website had a lot more information and was up to date. (LWB recently updated their website and it’s a million times better than it was.)

I was excited when I saw on Facebook that LWB was Sevenly’s charity this week. I usually love the designs Sevenly comes up with for each charity, but this time I’m disappointed. So instead of buying a shirt, I just went to LWB’s website and donated the $7 straight to them. You can choose which part of their organization you want your donation to go to, and I chose the Healing Homes. Here’s their brief description of the Healing Homes:

LWB’s Healing Homes Program helps orphaned children with serious medical issues needing specialized care. These children are extremely vulnerable, due to being born with medical needs that often cannot be met in an institutional setting. LWB’s healing homes are staffed with specially trained nannies who devote their time to the careful nurturing of these children.

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