Pure Charity

Have you heard about Pure Charity? I signed up a month or two ago because a family I wanted to help was using it for their adoption fundraiser. I signed up, looked around, and then kinda forgot about it. But recently, Give 1 Save 1 families have started using it exclusively for their donations. I’ve spent some time in the last few days figuring it out, and I really want to share it.

Pure Charity logo

Pure Charity is like a social media platform for charities and fundraising. It’s a place for people to tell about a project or fundraiser, and accept donations. It’s also an awesome way for users (like me) to raise money to donate to a cause. Pure Charity partners with different online retailers so customers can get money back on their purchases to use on Pure Charity. Example: I find a dress I want at Loft, so I go to the Pure Charity Rewards page and search to see if Loft is one of their partners. (They are!) I click through to Loft.com from Pure Charity, buy the dress and then I get 2.5% of my purchase total back into my Giving Fund for Pure Charity. Then I can turn around and give that money to a charity of my choice. Of course, you can just use your own money to give without shopping, but why wouldn’t you want to shop too?

If you’ve read this blog at all, you can probably guess I’ve used Pure Charity to donate to families in the process of adopting internationally. Families put up videos talking about their adoption, their future children and their struggles. It’s really cool to see who my money is being used to bring home. I don’t have a lot of extra money, so I’ve been following Give 1 Save 1’s philosophy of giving just $1. I’ll be using the Rewards system to pad my Giving Fund so I can give more in the future.

One of the families I’ve supported is still fundraising. If you want to check out their story and see the adorable little boy they’re about to bring home, you can visit their Pure Charity page here.


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