Feeling like a BA Executive

Note: I realize freaking out about this makes me seem less like a cool executive and more like a child, but whatever.

I went on my first out of state, big deal trip for work this week. I felt like a bad ass. My company flew me and a big wig from corporate to Dallas to attend a training from a vendor we’re going to be working with.

I worked Monday morning  at the office and then flew to Dallas Monday afternoon. The big wig, who I’ll refer to as BW, (who is incredibly friendly and personable and not what you would typically expect from a big wig) picked me up from the airport, we dropped our stuff off at the hotel, and went to meet the vendor for dinner. They took us to Bob’s Steak and Chop House in Plano. Oh man, talk about fancy. I’ve never been to a place like that. I so badly wanted to take a picture, but that would have totally ruined my cool professional appearance. I got two small (delicious) crab cakes and a salad for $38. Crazy. We were surrounded by businessmen and richy rich people, the waiters wore bow ties and the women ordered first. It was awesome.

After dinner BW and I headed back to the hotel. We stayed at the Embassy Suites at the Galleria- super nice. The hotel is set up as a square, with rooms all around the edge. In the center it was like a little park- lots of tree, fountains, benches and swans. Real live swans that live in the hotel lobby park:

Swan Hotel

Swans hanging out in one of the small ponds at the hotel.

My room was super nice- it had a living room, a mini kitchen area and two large flat screens. Needless to say, I enjoyed my stay.

The training yesterday was pretty awesome. It was a long day- we went from about 9 am- 5pm. I learned a ton, and it made me excited to come back and share the info with our sales team. After the training, BW drove me back to the airport for my 8pm flight back home. Sadly, I didn’t get to enjoy any Mexican food on my trip, but I did get to devour some greasy greasy goodness:

Whataburger burger and fries


Best part? I got to expense it.

It was really cool getting to travel for work, especially getting to hang out with some big name people in my field. I felt super important. I think, or at least hope, I came off professional and knowledgeable, and hopefully this will open some doors for my career.


One thought on “Feeling like a BA Executive

  1. That’s awesome! Good job being great at your job. Ya hiring? LOL

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