“This is a moral imperative. I believe that Africa is rising and wants to partner with us: not be dependent but be self sufficient. Far too many Africans endure the daily injustice of poverty and chronic hunger. When people ask what’s happening to their taxpayer dollars in foreign aid, I want people to know this money’s not being wasted. It’s helping feed families.”
– President Obama

This makes me very happy.

This is a moral…


“I think my sister has shaped me more than almost anyone else in the world. My musical taste, my style, and my want to love people all come from her. Can’t wait to see you this weekend! Love you so much”

From one of my very favorite people in the world, my amazing sister. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so loved.

“I think my sis…

“STUCK is a documentary about international adoption, showing the joy and pain and absolute bullshit of bureaucracy that comes with waiting on two different governments. STUCK follows a single mom adopting from Ethiopia, a family caught in the nightmarish closure of Vietnam adoptions, and a couple bringing home two little tots from Haiti. It exposes the startling (or not so startling) tendency of officials here in the US and overseas to throw up their hands while they (may as well) toss your file in the trash. At the same time, the Hague Convention, an idealistic inter-country agreement dictating international adoption procedures in a good portion of countries, actually slows the process and prevents adoptions from countries like Vietnam and Cambodia who have signed the Convention in an attempt to appease the US, but still can’t meet the requirements. (Both countries are struggling to re-open international adoption programs, and the US remains closed to both).

Red tape. Re-application. Hey, here’s a hoop for you to jump through.

Meanwhile, children wait. Babies wait. Babies die. And no one comes for them.”

I posted the preview for Stuck a few days ago, and then today read a review on Adoptionistas. (Above is a clip from it.) I REALLY want to go see this. There is a screening tour for the movie, and they’re trying to get 1 million signatures on a petition to remove barriers in international adoption. The tour is in KC on April 20th, and I’d really love to go, but I’m not sure if that will happen. It’s $15 a ticket to go to the screening + the cost of getting to KC and staying the night. You can stream the movie for $13, so that might be what happens for me. I already signed the petition online, and YOU CAN TOO! Just go here: http://www.change.org/petitions/make-a-child-s-right-to-a-family-our-priority. I was the 4,214th person to sign, so there’s still an insanely long way to go.

“STUCK is a doc…


“You can do it friends. Jeff and I are nothing special. We aren’t. We aren’t nicer than you. We aren’t richer than you. We aren’t holier than you. We aren’t older than you. We aren’t younger than you. We aren’t more loving than you. We don’t have a bigger house than you. We don’t have a better support system than you. We don’t live in a more diverse community than you. We aren’t more godly than you. We don’t (ok well now we do) know more about adoption than you.

We aren’t any different from you.

There are more than 147 million orphans in the world.  They will stay where they are if you stay where you are.”

I recently started following the blog Nothing Left to Paint, about a family who has adopted a little girl from the Congo. I just read a post where she says this, and I just love it.

You can do it f…


“Just plain old bawling in the kitchen because adoption is…well, everything to us. Not a plan B. Not a “what now?” Not a backup to what we really wanted. And while families come to adoption through so many paths different than ours, and I get that, it was always our coveted destination, not just a pit stop to parenthood.”

Adoptionistas is a blog I read almost everyday. This morning I read this on their site, and it really sums up how I feel. Many people choose adoption because of fertility issues, but for me, adoption is Plan A.

Adoption as Plan A

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